Celebrating no hike in fees 20+ years

It’s hard to believe, but in the 20+ years PaySmart has been in business, our fees haven’t changed—strange but true! So as the price of goods and services increased in line with rising inflation, PaySmart has bucked the trend and kept our fees unchanged.

Why haven’t fees risen?

As costs rise the obvious step for businesses is to bump prices. But at PaySmart, we decided to work hard to streamline our processes to ensure they’re scalable and smarter. And as a result, we’ve managed to keep our fees constant.

We’ve also been able to consistently grow our client base by offering outstanding full service direct debit billing, at no extra cost to our clients. Our clients’ customers are charged a small fee for using PaySmart’s direct debit billing service, but for more than two decades we have committed to keeping that both affordable and unchanged.

As for the fees we charge our clients—there are no monthly account keeping fees—no matter how large or small the business.

Plus, for whatever reason a customer misses a payment, PaySmart’s comprehensive Debtor Management System will kick in so our clients don’t have to spend valuable time chasing outstanding fees when they could be working on their business. And the great news is that we don’t charge extra for this service!

You shouldn’t be penalised for success

Some direct debit billers attach fees to your account that scale up with your success and growth, but that’s not PaySmart’s style. We offer flat, fixed fees, no matter who you are or how profitable you become.

You shouldn’t have to pay for our continuous improvement

PaySmart wants to own that small space in the market where a superior, full service is provided at no extra cost to clients. To do that, we must continue to improve and innovate when it comes to our service delivery, but we don’t believe you or your customers should have to pay for that.

Four layers of service at no extra cost

Our business has continued to grow because we provide an outstanding full service, and while some companies may claim to do the same, the reality can often fall short.

This is what ‘full service’ means at PaySmart and you shouldn’t expect anything less:

  • a friendly Customer Service Centre providing telephone and online support for clients and customers to answer questions and provide assistance with systems and training
  • Client Account Managers who help get PaySmart systems up and running without delay and provide specialised training to effectively use them
  • dedicated Business Development Managers with local knowledge and industry experience to help support business aims and growth plans
  • the latest in technology, including Internet-based, real-time financial management system and access to online accounts 24/7, 365 days a year.

If you’re looking for a full service direct debit billing provider whose fee structure is transparent and stable—a company that’s committed to investing in its clients’ success, contact PaySmart today.