Does your billing system ‘talk’ to your business management software?

If your billing system does not talk to your business management software, it’s time to Think PaySmart.

Why is integration so important and what happens if your systems aren’t integrated?

Systems Integration means linking your software applications together so they all ‘talk’ to each other. If your billing system doesn’t link to, or integrate with, your management software, it usually means you need to update each system separately.

This means double handling of data, which takes more time for you and your staff and increases the risk of data entry error.

However, when systems are integrated there’s typically only one point of data entry required, which takes away the need for double entry and enhances your data integrity.

But what does this look like in real-world terms?

Let’s look at a fitness club. A club might be using PaySmart direct debit billing software to collect their membership fees. They may also be using Clubware for member management, and Paxton to manage security access control.

It’s essential for your security software and your member management software to have the most up-to-date information about whether a member has paid their fees in full, or if there has been an issue. When all systems are integrated, that information passes seamlessly between them—which is particularly important for 24-hour clubs.

What happens if my systems aren’t integrated?

If you’re with PaySmart, you can talk to your Business Development Manager about how we can integrate your preferred business management software with our direct debiting service to give you all the benefits that only PaySmart can provide.

If you’re not with PaySmart, you could ask your software provider these important questions about integration with direct debit or access control hardware:

  1. Will my information be shared over a secure network?
  2. What happens if I have problems with integration? Will you provide customer service and support at no extra cost?
  3. Can you provide testimonials from current clients or could I speak to them myself to get a sense for how it has worked for them?

PaySmart’s answer is ‘yes’ to all of these questions! You could also ask:

  1. Will it cost me money to integrate?

PaySmart’s response is that we work with a number of third party systems and we would highly recommend going with these options as there is NO additional cost involved for the system integration of existing identified partners.

PaySmart is proud to provide a fully integrated software solution for our clients. Contact PaySmart today for more information or an obligation-free comparison to other billings provider.