PaySmart Launches SchoolSmart – a transformative billing system for schools

Do you have the right payment plan in place for your school? Is your admin team already spending too much time chasing late payments?

We know that when families fall behind on fee payments in the early weeks of school, it can be an uphill battle to catch up, that may even span an entire school year.

PaySmart is proud to introduce SchoolSmart—an incredibly simple payment system for schools. And the great news is that we can have you up and running within less than a week.

SchoolSmart follows a simple three-step process and gives your school families the ability to choose a payment frequency that suits them.

Check out the little animation below to find out how easy it is to run SchoolSmart to manage your school fee payments:

For your school finance or administration team, this time of year will become simple, streamlined and less onerous:

  • No more manually entering parents’ payment details
  • No more receipting payments to parents
  • No more following up late or dishonoured payments!

Get ready to make life easier for your school families and your finance team, and get your school on the fast track to stronger cash flow in 2018.

Contact a PaySmart Client Account Manager today to learn more about SchoolSmart.