Strategic planning for growth in 2018

When a business starts up, they almost always have a business plan in place, but once they’re up and running, it can be hard to revisit it. This might be okay in the short term, but for businesses looking to expand their horizons—to get where they want to go, to broaden their offering and to consistently deliver a strong return on investment—a strategic plan is critical.

Not sure if you’ve got the time to write a strategic plan or where to begin?

Firstly, don’t drown in business jargon before you begin and try not to let the task loom larger than it needs to. A business consultant may tell you otherwise, but a strategic plan can be a relatively straightforward document to put together.

You just need to keep it simple and focussed.

It also helps to have someone guide you through the process, to ask the critical questions, and to help you brainstorm the ideas as you shape them into something tangible.

PaySmart can support you in that department. One of the key roles of our Business Development Managers (BDMs) is to help PaySmart clients grow successful businesses. It’s part of the full service we provide to PaySmart clients, at no extra cost.

Many of our BDMs have owned and managed successful businesses and know what it takes to thrive and push beyond the comfort zone. They also understand the challenges that come with owning and operating businesses, so they bring a supportive knowledgeable approach to their work with you.

Plus, they’re one step removed from your business and can bring a fresh perspective that’s not immersed in the daily operations and challenges—because we all know it can be really hard to ‘see the wood for the trees’ when you’re toiling away in the trenches.

Now is the perfect time to get on a pathway to growth in 2018. Contact PaySmart today to find out how a Business Development Manager can help you work up a Strategic Plan and get it rolling!