Signing new members during the holiday season

Is your club taking a break over for the holiday period or operating with minimum staff? Are you wondering how to keep growing your member base during this time?

The holiday period is often a time when people step away from their busy work/school/life schedule and start thinking about fitness goals for the year ahead. It’s wise to have a system in place to capture and convert these opportunities.

PaySmart can help.

Our systems are online, so if you have a new member keen to join, they can complete our electronic direct debit form (eDDR) through a link on your website. Then, as soon as your doors open after the break, your new members are joined up, their payments are being made, and they’re ready to go.

Or better still – if you’re open over the holidays with reduced staffing, your new member can get started straight away, without relying on your team to manage and process the payment paperwork.

Easy, responsive and free!

Our eDDR system is easy to use and responsive—new members can access it through their computer, smart phone or tablet. While many other billing companies charge a fee for this service, PaySmart is proud to provide this and many other services for FREE.

Using an eDDR system also makes life easier for your staff—once the forms have been completed, there’s no duplicating the data entry, so the risk of error is minimised. Time spent on administration is also reduced, which will free up your staff to connect with new clients walking through your doors.

You don’t need to write off the holiday period as a no-growth period. Instead, link PaySmart’s electronic forms to your Christmas eDM or marketing campaign and keep your membership growth momentum going!

Contact a PaySmart Client Account Manager today to learn more about the join online process and get ready for the holidays.

What do our clients think about online forms?

“Going paperless with PaySmart’s Sign-On-Line forms has been the best thing for our Clubs. With multiple locations and staff members, using Sign-On-Line means that everything is submitted on the spot, eliminating the possibility of misplaced paperwork and incorrect bank details, while also saving staff and the members’ time. This kind of technology solution presents a really professional image to the customers too and it’s great that the member receives a copy of the paperwork directly to their email address.”
—Jamie, XFC Manager