Preparing for the Christmas period to avoid cancellations

We know it’s only November, but in the blink of an eye the silly season will be upon us. That makes now the ideal time to get your fitness or martial arts business ready for the inevitable slow-down period—because we know that this is the time of year when the suspensions and cancellations start to roll in.

Discouraging cancellations at Christmas

If your members don’t know what options are available to them, they could be more likely to pull back to try and save themselves some money or to give up on their membership altogether.

Our advice is to get an appointment ASAP with your PaySmart Business Development Manager or call through to your Client Account Manager to talk about setting up an alternative option.

For example, if you were to charge members a $5 suspension fee per fortnight, it would ensure the member stays with you therefore you avoid a cancellation. Plus, your business will continue to generate some revenue, without creating any extra paperwork for you to manage.

At the end of the suspension period, the member ticks back over to their regular payment cycle and it will all return to normal. Too easy!

Thinking about your strategy for managing the quieter periods early is key to preparing your business to be in a strong position for 2018.

Contact PaySmart today and talk to us about how we can easily put this suspension option in place for you in preparation for the Christmas period, as well as other important plans to activate before you go on leave—two heads are always better than one!

Contact a PaySmart Client Account Manager today.