Making membership renewal season a breeze for dance schools & gymnastics clubs

Is your dance school or gymnastic club gearing up for a busy time managing 2018 renewals? As the end of the school term edges closer, the last thing you want is for your renewal forms to get lost in the pile of paperwork that comes home at this time of year.

If you’re currently working with PaySmart, your families are already benefiting from regular direct debit payments that allow them to pay off their lesson or club membership fees over the year. Your business would also be benefiting from improved cash flow and reduced administration pressures.

So that takes the pressure off during the year, but it doesn’t make life any easier at renewal time.

Setting up an automatic renewal process could be the answer, particularly if your staff spend a lot of time following up on renewal paperwork and payments.

Putting an automatic renewal in place

If you decide that’s the way you’d like to proceed, PaySmart can easily help set up an automatic renewal process that rolls over each year or membership period, without requiring your families to complete more paperwork or sign-up again.

We know that putting a membership renewal system in place can also have a positive impact on student/member retention rates. Plus it takes away the hassle of having to complete paperwork to join up again, it gives your families an easy and affordable option for paying their fees over the course of the year, and it relieves the administration load for your team.

What can you do for new members?

If you have new members or students coming on board, PaySmart has made this process even easier with our join and sign online services.  Both are now mobile and tablet friendly making it even easier for your customers to sign up to your service without any hassles, and to get payments made to you without delay.

For example, if you have new students signing up to your club or school on your website, they can also get signed up to PaySmart’s direct debit billing at the very same time. Their form is submitted directly into the payment system, so there’s no duplicating the data entry and no backlog of paperwork—plus less handling of data means less chance of human error, so it’s more likely that the payment process will go smoothly!

Starting a new dance school or gymnastics club?

If you’re starting a new dance school or gymnastics club, using PaySmart’s join online is really helpful to get customers signed up ahead of your service opening, because as soon as you open your doors, the membership payments will start to roll in—which is great for cash flow too!

Getting started with PaySmart is easy and comes with the full support of our customer service team, client account managers and business development team. Contact PaySmart today to get direct debit billing or automatic renewals in place for 2018 memberships at your dance school or gymnastics club!