Transformative billing system tailored for schools!

Now is the perfect time to make a simple change that will transform your school’s billing systems. A change that will:

  • Simplify the payment process for your families
  • Reduce the pressure on your administration team at critical times of the year, and
  • See your payment rate skyrocket.

PaySmart has been working closely with schools and colleges for many years now, but a new electronic direct debit form tailored specifically to your school or college, will be a game-changer.

This is what currently happens at the start of the year when a school manages their own billing:

  • You confirm your enrolments—this in itself can be a big job for a large school!
  • Once a student is attending the school, the school must arrange for the parent to complete a direct debit billing form to begin collecting payments.
  • The parent sends the signed form back to the school.
  • The school manually enters the details into the billing system.
  • Then the school goes through the regular time-consuming process of submitting payments, receipting payments, and following up dishonoured payments.

It’s a BIG job!

This is what will happen when PaySmart’s tailored billing form is launched:

  • Your school will still confirm all enrolments and send PaySmart a list of parents and payment obligations.
    • For example, the total amount due and the date that it has to be paid by—this can be unique for each family.
  • PaySmart will then create a separate link for each parent, which the school is able to email or text directly to the parent.
  • The parent can then complete the direct debit billing form on their phone, computer or tablet, selecting several variables, like the frequency of payment, bank or credit card details, payment completion date etc.
  • PaySmart then makes the payment calculations and completes the payment agreement section of the form.
  • The parent signs on the phone or tablet if it’s a touch-friendly device and hits submit.
  • PaySmart emails the parent and school.
  • PaySmart processes payments based on the schedule they’ve received.
  • PaySmart provides a report to the school on parents who haven’t completed their direct debit form for the school to follow up.

What are the benefits?

By using PaySmart’s tailored system, schools no longer have to:

  • Manually enter parents’ payment details
  • Receipt payments to parents, or
  • Follow up late or dishonoured payments.

This gives your accounts and administrative team more time to focus on what they need to do to keep your school running smoothly! And, in every subsequent year, the process gets even easier for the parents and the school as they only need to check their details, rather than entering them each time!

Have a question about getting your school started with PaySmart in time for Term One enrolments in 2018? Talk to a PaySmart Client Account Manager today.