Total billing & management software solution for PTs!

At last, an integrated billing and management software solution for the PT industry is here—PaySmart+ PTminder! PTminder is a cloud-based app that helps you manage your personal training business—a bit like having a reliable virtual assistant, but accessible 24/7 through the web, tablets and mobiles.

Through PTminder, you can:

  • schedule bookings with your clients
  • track their information and progress
  • send reminders
  • promote group classes and special deals
  • assign workout and nutrition plans, and much more!

Integrated with PaySmart’s direct debit billing

And in addition to all of that, PTminder is also fully integrated with PaySmart’s direct debit billing system. That means both systems ‘talk’ to each other. Your PTminder system will receive live information from PaySmart about payments—whether they’re up-to-date or running behind.

And with PaySmart, you’ll also have access to our debtor management service, which means that if payments are late, you don’t have to spend your precious time chasing them—we’ll do it for you, at no extra cost!

Our online forms also makes it easy to get new clients loaded directly into the system. In fact, your clients can do this from the comfort of their home—so you can get them started with you sooner.

Tailored just for PTs

We know that when you’re a PT or you’re running small group classes, you don’t have the administrative support that comes with working for a large organisation. That’s why PTminder is so great—it gives you the help you need, and it’s geared specifically for PTs so all the innovations and applications are tailored to your requirements.

Read how some of our existing PaySmart clients feel about PTminder.

“PTminder together with PaySmart has been a dream come true for my business. Running a personal training and bootcamp business is near impossible if you have to manually book people into sessions, reply to text messages, emails etc. It’s time consuming, messy and not current with today’s technological age. PTminder has given my clients the ability to book into their chosen sessions via a mobile app that even has my logo on it. It’s quick, efficient and super easy to use…and…it’s integrated with PaySmart’s fantastic direct debit processes. The support I’ve received from my PaySmart Business Development Manager has been great too—I’m really noticing the positive impact on my business as I’m using less time for admin, which is allowing me to focus more on my business.” — Dion, Keepfit Personal Training and Bootcamp

“We’ve been working with PaySmart now for 19 years. That in itself says something about how we feel about them—they’re excellent to work with and continue to innovate. We’ve added PTminder into our software suite in addition to Clubware. It’s great because all the systems are integrated. But most importantly, it’s taken our PT business to a new level. The PTminder app is professional and empowers our clients to make their appointments with ease. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of planning for our PTs. They know if they’re going to have 2 or 6 clients in their sessions, and who they are, so they can plan and tailor their programs so the clients really benefit. Using PTminder has definitely enhanced our PT business.” — Mark Rapa, owner-operator Oceans 24/7

Have a question about getting started with PTminder? Talk to a PaySmart Client Account Manager today.