Making it even easier for your customers to pay you!

Have you seen PaySmart’s new join and sign online services? Both are now mobile and tablet friendly making it even easier for your customers to sign up to your service without any hassles and to get payments made to you without delay.

For example, if you have a new client signing up to your service on your website, they can also get signed up to PaySmart’s direct debit billing at the very same time. Their form is submitted directly into the payment system, so there’s no duplicating the data entry or backlog of paperwork—plus less handling of data means less chance of human error, so it’s more likely that the payment process will go smoothly!

This is really helpful if you’re looking to get customers signed up ahead of your service opening. By getting customers to sign up or join online means that the moment the service or membership commences, the payments start to roll in—which is great for cash flow too!

“Using PaySmart’s join online system meant we had more than 100 foundation members directly signed up to the billing system prior to our launch date, so business cash flow was rolling as soon as we opened our doors. This online access also gives new clients the ability to complete their paperwork from the comfort of home, which is great.”

Dayne Hughes, Owner/Operator, Catalyst247fitness

Sign up and join online…

  • is great for the environment as it’s a paperless process
  • is flexible and easy to use—your customers can sign up any time, from anywhere—and the design is responsive to mobiles and tablets so it’s really easy to use
  • is safe and secure—all of PaySmart’s data is stored in Australia—we’re a leader in ensuring the highest standards of data security with a Level 1 (Version 2) PCI-DSS Compliance rating—and that means peace of mind
  • reduces errors which can occur in data entry—our system has inbuilt data integrity checks which increases efficiency and reduces the risk of failed payments
  • helps you get paid sooner—contracts can be debited as early as the next business day! 

If you have any questions about PaySmart’s join and sign online services (eDDR), contact the Client Account Management Team on 07 3866 9100 or