Does your martial arts business have the right tools for success?

You can have the right space, experienced teachers and a great program, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll achieve the success you’re dreaming of for your martial arts business.

PaySmart works closely with leading martial arts dojos around the country and getting the right direct debit billing system in place is a critical first step. And with more than 40,000 martial arts students using PaySmart’s system to pay their fees, we’ve come to know a thing or two about transforming dojos from cash-only, to thriving subscription-based business models.

PaySmart works across the spectrum of martial arts businesses, from small studios to large franchises—in fact, the martial arts sector represents PaySmart’s fastest growing client base.

It’s a growing and competitive sector, so getting your billing system right is essential, but there’s many other aspects to running a great and successful martial arts dojo and it can be difficult to navigate when you’re just starting out.

PaySmart & TIMA—a powerful partnership

That’s why PaySmart has partnered with one of the leaders in the field—TIMA, the business coaching arm of WAIMA. All new martial arts clients who sign on with PaySmart will have exclusive access to a suite of complimentary business coaching resources, presented by TIMA.

Delivered through webinars and online resources, the business coaching packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in the martial arts industry and includes:

  • Access to The Martial Arts Business Bootcamp

This introductory course covers ‘getting’ clients, marketing; ‘converting’ clients, sales process; and ‘keeping’ clients, retention. Also within this FREE course you’ll find some awesome downloads including:

  • Yearly marketing calendar
  • Internal campaign
  • External campaign
  • Instructor evaluation sheets
  • FREE One-Month Access to the Complete Martial Arts Solution Valued at $99

Get access to the exact business blueprint that the WA Institute Of Martial Arts has followed to build three successful martial arts schools servicing 1,700 students and an income of over $70,000 per week!

  • A FREE 30-minute strategy session with one of the TIMA elite coaches

Gain invaluable insights and guidance from one of TIMA’s most elite mentors. Ask questions, get answers and receive support as you start taking your business to new levels.

“TIMA offers a ‘step one to step done’ model to assist school owners achieve massive success in their own businesses and all the information we provide gets tested and refined in our own schools first. I honestly believe that our partnership with PaySmart will empower many business owners to achieve the level of success they desire in half the time.”

 — The Institute of Martial Arts (TIMA)

Find out more about PaySmart’s direct debit billing expertise for the martial arts sector and how you can access the TIMA business coaching suite as a new PaySmart customer.


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