Is Group Personal Training the Key to Member Retention?

PaySmart has worked in partnership with the fitness industry for more than 20 years, and our billing technology and service has helped grow fitness businesses—large and small—into thriving operations with strong cash flow.

Of course, that’s just one aspect of running a successful fitness business and there are so many other things to get right. Working closely with fitness businesses across Australia has given us a ringside seat to those who are doing smart things to boost their business success.

This month, Anthea Altamura from GO45TM has provided an insight into how Group Personal Training can be key to outstanding member retention. Find out why

When it comes to membership retention, there are two main influencing factors:

  1. The relationship you have with your membership, and
  2. Whether or not you can deliver what they need to get results.

The revolving door of the fitness industry spins faster within clubs where members often paying little to get little. Thankfully, members are now placing a higher value on supported memberships and are prepared to pay more for their fitness and health—and we can thank group personal training for this fantastic turnaround.

Your members equate value with usage. “If I use it regularly, I’m getting value from it and therefore I’ll continue to pay for it.” So your members need to be working out with you at least eight times per month. If they hit that magic number, they’re more likely to stay longer and pay longer.

Group PT places the members into a supported environment with coaches who will oversee member activity within the club and keep individuals accountable for missed sessions. For the member, the small group dynamic delivers higher attention from their coach and an emphasis on training to their absolute best. There’s also a greater opportunity to build a stronger connection to your members, which instils a greater sense of belonging to the group.

Retention results speak for themselves, with Group Personal Training members remaining active within their memberships on average seven months longer than the general access gym user. Considering Group PT memberships are priced approximately $25 per week higher than gym access, that’s pretty exciting news for any fitness business operator. 

Group Personal Training is the future of fitness and with the best systems and processes in place to get it right from the very start, your business will never look back.

So, there you have it—a really interesting take on member retention from GO45TM. Do you have any other great ideas to boost retention? We’d love to hear them. Drop us a line or come by and see PaySmart at FILEX in Sydney next month!