Service that makes your business easier

PaySmart Service Spotlight: Service that makes your business easier

It’s one thing to make a client happy in the short term; it’s something entirely different to sustain their satisfaction long term. At PaySmart this is our core goal.

In fact, from our parent company’s most senior managers, through to individual PaySmart employees, we are all focused on client satisfaction, and specifically, on making our clients’ businesses easier. And when you have a really clear goal like that, it’s easy to direct your energies into the right places.

This goal influences the kind of software tools we develop, the systems and processes we use, the training support we offer our clients to get established and the support we provide your customers once you’re up and running. This goal sharpens the focus of our Customer Service Centre staff each and every time they pick up a call, and it fuels our system improvements and training processes.

Modern businesses are rapidly evolving so the things that make clients’ businesses easier to manage are also changing at a fast pace, but we’ll never rest on our laurels. Our business is intrinsically linked to your customers. You work hard to get them and we’ll do everything on our part to help you keep them.

  • If you feel confident in and comfortable with us as your trusted partner, we make your business easier.
  • If we reduce your administrative burden and the stress of chasing debt, we make your business easier.
  • If we help sure up your cash flow by providing a simple way for your customers to pay you, we make your business easier.

It sounds straightforward, but it takes a whole-of-company commitment and a collective desire that’s backed by genuine products, actions and services, to achieve it.

Sustained client satisfaction will always trump the quick wins and low-hanging fruit of instant but short-lived gratification. I think our clients would agree – here’s what some of them have said about how PaySmart has made their business easier:

“PaySmart has made running my little fitness business so much easier. Even though I’m not a big client, I was never made to feel any different. I always put service over price when I can and PaySmart delivered all the way. Thanks PaySmart.” — Ruth Reinhard, Health thru Fitness

“PaySmart has proven themselves to us year after year with their professionalism and attention to detail. Their Customer Service Centre and client service is brilliant. They constantly look at ways to improve efficiencies, which helps us as a growing business.” —Chris and Corrine Chalmers, CrossFit Geelong 

“What I really like about PaySmart is that every email or phone enquiry I’ve made with them is addressed quickly and effectively. I’ve also seen a significant improvement in their service levels over the years and feel I can trust that both my business and clients will be looked after.”Sandy Sher, Live 2 Be Well

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