Freedom and control with WebExpress 24/7

PaySmart understands that modern business doesn’t happen within the confines of 9-5. We know that business owners and operators run flexible schedules and want flexibility in their systems and services.

WebExpress gives PaySmart customers just that—an internet-based, real-time financial management system that’s fundamental to our Benchmark service. With WebExpress, there’s no duplication of data and no delays to your recurring payment system that can occur when paperwork is posted or faxed.

What’s possible with WebExpress?

WebExpress gives you the freedom to:

  • securely access your accounts 24/7 via the internet
  • manage your business at your own convenience
  • run live reports and access historical data
  • debit your new customers the day after you’ve submitted an electronic direct debit authority
  • modify accounts and add new customers.

Real time, no delays, to keep your business moving

With WebExpress, there’s no duplication of data and no delays to your recurring payment system, plus the system provides total security to prevent unauthorised access to your accounts.

Of course, being a ‘full service’ direct debit billing company means the PaySmart team can perform all of the regular administrative aspects of your billing service during office hours—it’s just great to know that WebExpress gives you access and control when you need it most.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! Our Business Development Managers will sit down and talk you through how to use the system, and our Client Account Managers are only ever a phone call away when you have a question. They’ll explain how to complete Direct Debit Requests using sign-online technology, which directly links to the WebExpress system. That means you can get your business moving faster, and without getting bogged down in paperwork.

What do our clients think?

“The reports provided by PaySmart are fantastic as every week we can check in and see where we’re at and forecast and set targets. Also, having access to our accounts via a web-based program gives us the control and flexibility to do what we need to do from home, at night, on weekends and while we’re away.”

Dayne Hughes, Owner/Operator, Catalyst247fitness

“WebExpress is part of PaySmart’s billing solution and it’s fantastic. Basically you can go online at any time to access comprehensive reports that tell you where you’re at in terms of your cash position and where you’re going, giving you the ability to plan and project, which is so important for a business.”

—Dion Panossian, Director, Shobukan Martial Arts &
CPA, H S Panossian & Associates Pty Ltd

Don’t forget, not all direct debit billing providers offer web-based services like WebExpress—contact PaySmart to find out more about WebExpress or to get started with PaySmart.