Opening a new fitness club? How to ensure revenue flows from day one.

Opening a ‘bricks and mortar’ fitness business is no mean feat. An incredible volume of planning, hard work, courage and money is required before you can even welcome your first clients through the doors.

For most business owners, with so many ‘outgoings’ required to get a business up and running, there’s no room for a slow start—they need the ‘incomings’ to start flowing as soon as the ribbons are cut!

So, what can you do to activate your revenue stream from day one?

PaySmart’s electronic Direct Debit Request (eDDR) is a great tool for new clubs that helps to establish your foundation membership base.

Via an eDDR form accessible from your website, new members can be signed up and provide all the necessary banking details for direct debit billing. (NB: All of PaySmart’s data is stored in Australia—we’re a leader in ensuring the highest standards of data security with a Level 1 (Version 2) PCI-DSS Compliance rating—and that means peace of mind.)

The eDDR forms can also tie into any pre-opening sales or marketing campaigns you run. Then, from the day you open, your payments are ready to activate and your revenue stream kicks in, just when you need it to.

Easy, responsive and free!

The eDDR system is easy to use and responsive to a variety of mobile technologies including smart phones and tablets. It’s important to note, many billing companies charge a fee for this service, but PaySmart is proud to provide this and many other services for FREE.

Using an eDDR system also makes life easier for your staff—once the forms have been completed, there’s no duplicating the data entry, so the risk of error is minimised. Time spent on administration is also reduced, which will free up your staff to interact with new clients walking through your doors.

“Using PaySmart’s eDDR system meant we had more than 100 foundation members directly signed up to the billing system prior to our launch date, so business cash flow was rolling as soon as we opened our doors. This online access also gives new clients the ability to complete their paperwork from the comfort of home, which is great.”

Dayne Hughes, Owner/Operator, Catalyst247fitness


Talk to a local PaySmart Business Development Manager to get started with PaySmart and to find out more about how the e-DDR system can work for you.