Grow your client base quickly and easily

Grow your client base quickly and easily

Do you find marketing strategies overwhelmingly complicated? If so, you’re not alone. However, building a personal training client base doesn’t need to be a complicated or expensive process.

Follow our SIMPLE, yet successful plan to secure new clients for your personal training business…

  1. Write down the avatar of your ideal personal training client.

Start with their gender and age. Then add in their specific goals. Specific! If applicable, jot down any personal limitations they might have. This first step is imperative if you want to get new clients.

  1. Use the information from your avatar to create a free Google form.

(Not sure how to do that? Here’s how.)

The description on your form should read something like…

I need [X number] [men/women] aged [age range] who live within 20 minutes of [your location] and are desperate to [enter specific goal]. If you meet these criteria, please complete the following form. I’ll personally contact all eligible applicants. Thank you.

Under the description, you should compile 4 to 5 questions to create your form:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • How committed are you to achieving [specific goal]? (Use a scale from 1 to 10 here.)
  • Do you live within 20 minutes of [your location]?
  • Contact number

Remember to enable notifications so you receive an email every time someone completes and submits a form.

  1. Advertise your form on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to get new clients, you need to have a presence on social media.

  1. Contact all eligible applicants immediately.

This is important. Ideally, you want to call them within 20 minutes of them submitting your form. So make sure you only publish your form when you know you’ll be able to make those all-important follow up calls. Try to sell them an introductory package and schedule a time to meet them at your gym.

  1. Follow up!

If they do not answer when you call, leave a message and follow up within a couple of days if you haven’t heard from them. If they don’t arrive for the meeting, then follow up a few days later. Initially, call them weekly and then monthly to follow up, until they become a paying client. If you want to get new clients, then perseverance is key.

Want more tips on how to get new clients?

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