Educating Students – Your Career is Your Business

Building careers into education is always a challenge with a dense curriculum and time-poor students and staff. In the current workforce, employment usually results from a combination of one or more of the following: who you know, what you’ve done and what you know. A degree or certificate no longer guarantees employability as employers seek to find confident, agile and resilient staff who can adapt to their changing business needs with energy and enthusiasm.

With students transitioning to high school, finalising their school years and completing formal studies, focusing on “career transition” with the understanding that your career is a business, allows teens and adults alike to take control of their futures and the activities and interactions that will get them there.

So, how can students approach their career as a business? Following are my top tips:

Be responsible
Take ownership of your thinking and actions to drive your next step. Actively make the decisions that will have an impact on your future options, as this will build your skills and provide real life experience in demonstrating resilience and organisation. This includes making calls, drafting resumes or applications and getting to meetings promptly.

Continue learning
Whilst the structured school environment may not suit everyone, there are many ways to continue to grow skills, knowledge and abilities. Having an interest and even passion for learning will help you to enjoy the journey. Participating in online, self-directed or formal professional and personal development will give you access to information, discussions and new ideas that you can bring into your workspace.

Flexibility of attitude
Being adaptable when it comes to the company, role, location and/or salary will help you to access roles and prove yourself to be a valuable contributor to a business at any stage of growth. Showing that you can work with different personalities, independently or as part of a team, in any department or business area will also develop your breadth of skills and experience.

Make change your friend
Working through change is essential for everyone. Appearing to be fixed or change resistant will limit your opportunities. Understanding that with change comes new beginnings and the chance to be part of the change, will allow you to experience new industries, roles, duties and people with an open mind.

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Kathryn TaylorKathryn Taylor is Director and Owner of Turning Point Consulting Pty Ltd. With more than 16 years of experience in human resources, talent management and career coaching, Kathryn has worked across a range of sectors and specialises in assisting education and corporate clients. Kathryn offers schools, businesses, educators, students, parents and aligned associations support in creating a platform for positive self-evaluation, to support proactive life planning and transition skills. She is an active and involved member of several advisory boards including Wellbeing Australia.