Creating the Right Environment in Your Business

There are many different types of businesses, so naturally, many different factors determine each one’s success.

The martial arts business is very much a person-to-person model—interaction on a personal level is a critical part of martial arts instruction. However, successful martial arts businesses not only require a high level of physical interaction, but are also dependent on the creation of a happy, positive, confident and knowledgeable “vibe”.

Our clients or students need to feel like they’re in a place where people care about their continued education. They need to feel uplifted and ready to achieve when they arrive—many students have heavy work commitments, family stresses etc. and are looking for a comfortable place where they can break away from the busyness of the day, and enter a relaxed learning and self-achieving environment.

“Our students also need to know that they’re amongst confident and knowledgeable people who are capable of helping them achieve their goals.”

At the front of house where reception staff smile and ensure a friendly welcome, surroundings should be comforting, clean and motivating. If students are happy and comfortable with their first impressions prior to training, they will without doubt enter their training with a positive attitude. After the training is complete and they return home, they’ll still remember those feelings they had when they first arrived.

A well-organised training facility with helpful, friendly and knowledgeable instructors is crucial to creating the environment that a successful martial arts business requires. After class our students must feel like they have been refreshed and have learnt and grown in themselves. And when they leave, they should feel like they can’t wait to get back for the next class.

After all, we need our students to want to come back. We cannot force them to be in a place where they do not wish to be.

Perhaps one of the most important tools to achieve a successful martial arts business is the creation of an “I love it there” environment.

Peter De Been head shotPeter de Been is Director of de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu, Australia’s first Jiu Jitsu Academy, and President and Founder of AFBJJ Inc, Jiu Jitsu’s national governing body since 1994.