Take control with WebExpress: access 24/7

Last month I posed an important question: “Does the full service provided by your direct debit billing company constrict or free you?”

A key differentiator of PaySmart’s full service and what gives our clients this ‘freedom’ is WebExpress. WebExpress is an internet-based, real-time financial management system that is fundamental to our Benchmark service.

Using WebExpress makes it possible to:

  • securely access your accounts 24/7 via the internet
  • manage your business at your own convenience
  • run live reports and access historical data
  • debit your new customers the day after you’ve submitted an electronic direct debit authority
  • modify accounts and add new customers.

Real time, no delays, to keep your business moving.

With WebExpress, there’s no duplication of data and no delays to your recurring payment system that can occur when mailing or faxing forms. Plus, the system provides total security to prevent unauthorised access to your accounts.

Of course, being a ‘full service’ direct debit billing company means the PaySmart team can perform all of the regular administrative aspects of your billing service – it’s just great to know that WebExpress gives you access and control when you need it most.

Is it easy to use?

Clients often wonder if they’ll be able to learn how to use new systems, but are consistently surprised how easy WebExpress is. Our Business Development Managers will sit down and talk you through how to use the system, and our Client Account Managers are only ever a phone call away when you have a question. They’ll also talk you through how to complete Direct Debit Requests using sign-online technology, which directly links to the WebExpress system. That means you can get your business moving faster, and without getting bogged down in paperwork.

Contact PaySmart today for more information and an obligation-free Benchmark comparison to any other billings provider. Don’t settle for less.